7elevenBradford’s rapid population growth has attracted interest in the business world.

The Town of nearly 20,000 has a Home Depot, a Walmart, a Swiss Chalet – and now, a 7-Eleven.
The convenience-plus store officially opened at 157 Holland St. East on May 11, with a ribbon-cutting, games, face-painting, balloon art, and free Slurpees for all.
“We are very excited and happy to have it here,” said Naval Bajaj, Manager of Operations with 7-Eleven. He described 7-Eleven as the “fastest growing chain in the world, opening a new store every 2 hours,” with the goal of not only providing a strong business model, but also, “serving the community.”

Store owner Tessema Adefris emphasized the importance of serving the public, providing “quality and convenience, 24-7” – and a range of products that includes fresh fruit and baked goods, “in addition to the daily necessities, like bread and milk.”

Adefris and 7-Eleven were welcomed to Town by the Bradford Board of Trade, and by Mayor Doug White, who noted, “It’s going to be a draw for the downtown, it’s going to be a draw for this plaza!”

The Mayor joined Adefris and other dignitaries in enjoying a complementary Slurpee – “Once a kid, always a kid!” he said.

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