Greetings on behalf of the Kannada community in Canada.

The Kannada Sangha Ugadi event & Ruby Celebration on April 18 & 19 is being held at Radisson Grand Victorian Convention Center.

We are inviting Dr. Mukyamantri Chandru, “Pranaya Raja” Dr. Srinath & Benni Krishna to participate in these events.

Also we are conducting a Business forum session on April 19 to address the entrepreneur community here in Canada.

This is being presided by Mr. Naval Bajaj (President, Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce).

During this event we also want to inaugurate the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

It has been a long standing desire of the Kannada community in Canada to work with the Government of Karnataka for the following:

Formation of NRI Layout & avail land for residential purposes
NRI Club for members visiting to Karnataka
Investment in business ventures, infrastructure & industries

On behalf of the Kannada community here in Canada I’m hereby kindly requesting myself to be nominated as a member of the NRI Forum Karnataka. This is to co-ordinate business & investment opportunities from Canada to Karnataka.

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Dasaratha
Secretary, Kannada Sangha Toronto

For more information check out the following link: