As the Conservative candidate for MP in Brampton East, I would continue to support the goals and policies of the party, including long-term economic prosperity for all Canadians, supporting families, and keeping our communities safe.

Long-Term Prosperity

  • Keep taxes low
  • Connect Canadians with available jobs
  • Invest in roads, bridges, transit and other important infrastructure in our communities
  • Stay on track to balanced budgets in 2015

Supporting Families

  • Choice in child care through the Universal Child Care Benefit
  • Investment in affordable housing
  • Targeted support for Canadian students
  • Funding to improve on the Youth Employment Strategy
  • Measures to protect the well-being of seniors
  • Enhance consumer safety standards on products for children

Safe Communities

  • Focus on the rights of victims through integrated law at the federal level
  • Consult victims of crime on procedures and services for victims
  • Increase the financial restitution offenders are required to make to victims
  • Make it easier to remove dangerous foreign criminals from our streets and harder for them to enter into Canada in the first place
  • Enable the courts to impose restrictions on ‘high-risk’ offenders
  • Clarify the citizen’s arrest law with regard to property crimes
  • Crack down on child sexual predators
  • Crack down on violence against women and girls