Bajaj Campaign Continues to Build Momentum

Conservative candidate Naval Bajaj kicked off the final month of the election campaign on Sunday by meeting with Brampton East residents at a family BBQ. Eating home-cooked food under a beautiful blue sky at the Ahluwaia household, Naval discussed the issues facing the citizens of Brampton East, including the economy, crime and strong support for families.

“It was a great opportunity to discuss the amazing progress we’ve made while speaking with residents right across the riding,” said Bajaj. “Our team has spoken to thousands of voters in Brampton East over recent weeks and have consistently received positive feedback about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strong leadership in this fragile global economy.”

During Sunday’s family BBQ, Bajaj also told the large crowd that a re-elected Conservative government will build on its record of supporting affordable home ownership for Canadian families by:


Establishing a new permanent Home Renovation Tax Credit for substantial home renovation expenses between $1,000 and $5,000, so young home owners can renovate and upgrade their homes.

Expanding the Home Buyers’ Plan from $25,000 to $35,000 so first-time home buyers can withdraw savings tax-free to make their down payments and reduce their mortgages and interest payments.

Maintaining the recent enhancement to Tax-Free Savings Accounts so Canadians can save and invest more of their hard-earned money tax-free.

In the remaining weeks of the campaign, Naval and his team will be out in the riding discussing these initiatives and others.

“I’ll be spending the next four weeks speaking with Brampton East residents about the Conservative plan to maintain momentum in these uncertain economic times, how we’ll keep them safe and how leaving more money in their pockets will help grow our economy.”